World tourism number passes the 1 billion mark:


The amount of international tourist have surpassed the 1.1 billion mark  as 2013 year passed .  As there were plenty of economic downfalls over the year this did not cause harm or stop tourist from coming and travelling to international destinations. Asia-pacific had plenty of travelers who are making up a great deal of the market. “Asia-Pacific destinations are enjoying the fastest growth”, a United Nations body said  on Monday.

In the due course of the year travelers were still able to move up and about and with that helped push up the international tourist arrivals. The international tourism arrivals surpassed the predicted mark. The 2013 figures passed the predicted mark by 5% to a whopping 1.09 billion in 2013 as explained by the United Nations World Tourism Organization report.

“The tourism sector has shown a remarkable capacity to adjust to the changing market conditions , fuelling growth and job creation around the world, despite the lingering economic and geopolitical changes” explained  by a secretary general from the UN body  Talef Rifai.  

The future seems to be looking brighter as economic activity is going to be getting stronger. Further expansion in the tourism industry will be taking place in 2014 and the expected international arrivals looks like it will grow by 4.00-4.5 % in 2014.

The Asia-pacific has the highest amount of travelers as they were up 6% to 248 million as south east Asia performed best with arrivals up 10%.

Europe was one of the biggest destinations that topping a grand 5% up to 563 million tourists.

America had a 4% growth of 169 million tourists.

As also the number of tourist that made there way to Africa was up by a grand 6% to 56 million.

As China is paving the way in international spending as from 2012 as they spent $102bn and went up by 28% in the first nine months of  2013 , the UN body said.


Daily News Egypt.(2014).  World tourist umber surge to nearly 1.1 billion.Retrieved on  Tuesday 22nd January  2014 from


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