Natural beauty of mountain Kilimanjaro compounded with tourists in Tanzania

As of currently they have been an astounding number of tourists who have been making there way to the summit of Africa. A majority of people seem to be threatening the natural beauty and features of MT Kilimanjaro as a vast number of climbers make their way to the mountain.

Mt Kilimanharo National Park Conservator, Mr Erastus Lufungulo explained that the amount of climbers who have been making there way to the Kibo peak has been adding over the years. The climbers are few but the helps who carry things for the climbers have been increasing. These include Porters, cooks, and other supporting staff.

. Said by the Mr Lufungulo at a parliamentary committee on land, Natural Resource and Tourism.“More than 50,000 foreign tourist climbers have made it to the top of the mountain but a whooping 200,000 helpers have helped the climbers carry things.

The Tanzania National Parks Director General, Mr Allan Kijazi. The mountain can handle 100,000 climbers every year and anything further than that starts to cause damage to the natural beauty, as in which this needs to be protected.

The 50,000 tourists who climb Mount Kilimanjaro every year make a good number,but the problem comes when each of them wants to take along huge teams of porters and other helpers” explained Mr Kijazi.

 TANAPA plans on enforcing measures to control the number of support staff.

However trying to implement these measures might become a problem over the long run as famous people are starting to make their way to the Tanzania.

What do you think should be done?

Nkwame,M.(2014). Tanzania: Mt Kilimanjaro Overwhelmed By Climbers. Retrieved on Monday 10th February 2014 from


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