UN agency explains that challenges are looming ahead of time in the tourism sector:


The united Nations World tourism Organization (UNWTO) explained that challenges are on the loom toward the tourism  industry.  As this will have global effects and might inhibit the service sector from further developing into a greater industry. This industry tends to provide a lot of positive feedback about growth as was mentioned at the ITB Berlin in Germany.

On this note Kenya will be part taking in the trade fair as the cabinet secretary in charge of east African affairs, Commerce and Tourism Ms Phylis Kandie will be leading the delegation.

In his speech by the UNWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai said that tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors, one that drives global growth and development, creates millions of jobs, spurs exports and investment and transforms lives. This was mentioned at the ITB 2014.

“To ensure our sector remains competitive, we must address several challenges, which we have set as priorities at UNWTO, committed to transform these into five major opportunities” he supplemented.

One of the main messages that were  discussed   about at the ITB is the need to improve travel facilitation. The process takes a while to get a visa for people to travel around to different countries. If the process can be speeded up a major impact on the number of arrivals will pick up.  The process needs to incorporate items such as technology to help boost the use and spread of visas.

“Air connectivity is another critical area, considering the clear linkages between aviation  and tourism, and the fact that over 50 percent of the world’s international tourists reach their destination by air, while many countries  still have disjointed  policies between the two sectors” explained Mr. Rifai.

With the economic growth, job creation and development opportunities that the tourism brings comes the over-arching challenge of sustainability” he added.

The tourism industry is a significant industry as it plays a major role in different economies . The tourism  industry has been growing and so with growth demands that the industry should make rules and regulations to control the growth that will be with the tremendous increase in time to come.  We want the tourism industry to be sustained and not dragged in the dust, if the the way things are currently going  are to be the same.


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Tourism Numbers soon to be Quadrupled in Uganda:

Well it seems that 2014 has started off well for the Ugandan tourism board as they plan on fully utilizing there natural beauty, and strategic intentions to boost up number to the highest. As the new executive director of the Ugandan tourism board Steven Asimwe plans for the present and future.

“The onus is upon everyone to paint a rosy picture of Uganda as a destination” said Asimwe. “I appreciate the outgoing team for attracting 1.2 Million visitors here annually. However, with the new team we intend to quadruple the figure”

Asimwe has come in with  an enthusiastic atmosphere as he plan on making sure that his time in office will be used not just well ,but with the utmost urgency to get things done and done well that will happen. He plans on working with the whole country, regional partners, conservation groups , local government , cultural institutions  and the media to help bring about the  Ugandans vision 2040 that the nation has set.

“Somehow Uganda has stayed on the face of the world with source of the River Nile being declared one of the seven wonders of African, Kidepo Valley national park was also named one o the best on the continent” Said Baguma.

“The Ishasha tree climbing lion won as award in the national geographic photo contest”.

“This part of the world, endowed with 1050 different bird species was declared a bird species was declared a bird watchers paradise”.

“Kenya put in sh 74b to tell the world what they have, Tanzania comes close on their heels with sh12b .  Rwanda trails with sh 12b “. Added the great lakes director Amos wekesa.

“Uganda has stagnated at sh 221m. The budget ought to be beefed up. And our products need a presence on the tourism maps”.

Words have not fallen on deaf ears as the words have magically reached the world bank who provided a staggering $25b to be implemented in show casing the treasures of Ugandan products.

Half of the funds have been allocated to renovate and refurbish the Jinja School of tourism and Human resource.

Maria Mutagambwa explained that the new Ugandan tourism board that has come have come at a time when  the continent is currently having problems with poaching.

“We have to jealously protect our wild life form this illicit trade”. Explained Mrs Mutagambwa

Poachers seem to be becoming ever more sophisticated as they are just one pace ahead of the game. New tricks and abilities need to be developed and implemented as fast as possible to curb out Poaching to keep the elephants and rhino alive and any other animal for that matter.

It seems that Uganda will not be to far from all the other tourism countries in Africa. This is one country that sounds like there have a lot planned for tourism.


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