South African most illustrious show case at the Indaba 2014:

Indaba is sponsored by South African tourism and also held at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Center  in Durban South Africa.  In the last two years the show has held its title as it won the Africa’s best travel and tourism show, this was presented by the Association of World Travel Awards. With attendance of more than 9,276 in 2013 Indaba has become recognized as must see on the tourist check list.

Indaba showcases the best of South Africa best tourism products to the individuals that make their way into the country.

The event will be taking place on the 10th – 12th of May 2014. Tweeter feeds and Facebook posts will be provided live from the event to keep interested parties hocked on the event.

The Indaba event organizers have taken the liberty to plan ahead of time to have shuttles for guest to go to and fro from the event back to their respected hotels.  



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