Ethiopia: Gigantic price reduction on Toruist products

A great deal of price cuts are being attacked and reduced in Ethiopia as competition is getting more fierce in the tourism industry.

Ethiopian airlines has butchered 40 % off domestic flight tickets, that will be commencing on May 1, 2014. The airline industry is not the only industry that is cutting prices also a 20 % reduction from the tour operators are following suite. 

With flight prices that were going at 62 dollars have become 58 dollars which was to Axum. Tourist will also bask in the shine in which flight prices of $118  will be reduced to $ 70 that is also to Axum. 

The Ethiopian Tourism Organisation (ETO) introduced these methods to help boost tourism in the country and also to make tourism more attractive and affordable. Furthermore more talks are being held with hotel’s as the ETO tries to convince the hoteliers to reduce there rates by 30-40% according to Fitsum Gezahegn who is the president of the Operators Association and a board member of the ETO. 

The tourism facilities in which are situated in Ethiopia are limited but growing. In so prices are reduced in order to attract more people to come and utilize these tourism facilities. “The tourist sector needs to accomplish two things” explained Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Ethiopian and Board Chairperson of the ETO product development and marketing. As also “We should also look into new tourist sources, like china, japan and other Asian countries:” he explained. 

The amount of travelers that make there way to Ethiopia is at a crunching low 600,000 people as compared to South Africa which has 9 million people  and Kenya with 1.8 million. explained Solomon Tadesse. 

With such a strategy this only leaves people with only a few choices ,and that is to take hold of the opportunity. This is a serious move that is being performed  by Ethiopian Tourism Organization in which hotels might slash there rates by 30 or 40 %.  You don’t hear to many hoteliers thinking of holding such talks!This is a big deal as much as Ethiopia does not have a lot of tourism facilities but once again  are trying to make the best of their facilities. This just means as a tourist you get to travel around more and also spend more. So there is good value for your money. 

The airlines industry which is a seriously competitive industry has also agreed to reduce there prices. This is like a win win situation in which let just say that the tourists get to win not just small or just enough but a lot. 

Merhatsidk,M(2014).Ethiopia: Sweeping price cuts target tourist Growth. Retrived on Thursday 15th May 2014 from


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