South Africa considered the Peak of Business Tourism ranks:

South Africa has moved up the  ranks in the International Congress and convention  Associations positioning from 37th to 34th. Cape Town and Durban were rated as Africa who top cities for meetings and events.

Kenya and Morocco follow in suit after South Africa as also being countries of high business travel visits for conferences. In  the African ranks   it was Cape town 1 st followed by Durban 2nd and then Nairobi in 3rd place.

The International Aids Conference will be held in South Africa for a second time in Durban in 2016 with an estimated 20,000 delegates planned to come. 

With South Africa leading the way in conventions and events management for the business traveler. This  really sets an example for all the other countries to follow. The MICE industry is huge and continues to grow as more countries and people continue to grow and  participate in business. 

South Africa climbs Business Tourism Rankings,(2014).retrieved on Tuesday 20th May 2014 from



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