Books galore: The Namibia Tourism Expo will host ” The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert” Book show case.

Two new books will be released by Mannfred Goldbeck on Namibian Natural history that will be show cased at the Tourism Expo in  the early days of June.

Namibia is a country that host wild horses and so Goldbeck has taken the extra  step further to document and comment and create a book on these natural wonders of the wind. “The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert” is the name of the book, it talks about the Namibia Wild Horses Foundation who helps protect horses from unwanted disturbances in the Sperrgebiet National Park. The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation was established  in 2012 as it was to facilitate the creation of  awareness and protection of horses to the general public. The book “Wild Horses of the Namib Desert which was written by Dr Greyling  with Goldbeck and Ron Swiling. The book will make its arrival on the 4th to 7th of June at the Namibia Tourism Expo.

The horses that live in the desert have been able to live and survive on the little that is around and only man has been providing water for the horses. “It is the principle of natural selection which helps to maintain a strong gene pool” said stold. Stold explained that human intervention should be limited as much as possible. “if , for example the number of animals is dropping to such an extent that the gene pool becomes too small or if, after years of good rains  their numbers rise to a level  which exceeds the capacity of their grazing area and would result in widespread deaths at the onset of drought”

Wild horses are fascinated  as they have no limits to their  interaction with natural encounters. The books sounds for a fantastic read and interesting understanding for nature lovers who are fascinated by horses. The Namibia Tourism Expo that will be taken place on the 4th-7th of June is going to be a blast with the show case of the “Wild Horses of the Namib Desert.

source: Waldo.(2014). Namibia: Book Debut at Toursim  Expo. Retrieved on Friday 23rd MAY 2014 from



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