2015 planned Tourism activities that will be taking place in Africa

Africa, a continent that is full of dancing, music, cultural fashion and art is a vibrant and dynamic continent. Tourism is on the rise, as a great deal of activities are going to be taking place all over the continent. Keeping up with all these activities is time consuming. Never the less, this is Africa and where ever you move your head some form of activity is taking place.

There is a range of activities that are going to be taking place on the African continent that include Kenya. “The Great Migration” is going to be taking place that is in July to October. The great migration is an attraction that one must plan well in advance.

Rwanda, a country full of natural beauty, and lively people. who welcome their foreign counter parts by showing them a good time. Intore Dance Troupes also now as “The Chosen ones” used to carry out dances in front of the royal court. This can be seen at the National Museum of Rwanda or at the Iby’ Iwacu cultural village in Musanze.

In the West, Ghana gets ready to engage with its January festivals that are going to be taking place. That includes the Rice Festival, Edina Buronya Festival, and a variety of festivals in the course of the year.
In the South, South Africa gets ready to show off Cape Town, and the Cape Peninsula with plenty of other attractions to offer the curious traveler.

These are only but a few of the activities that are going to happening in Africa. So what are you waiting for? Be amazed by the color, and the diversity in which Africa has to offer.

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