Food Tourism

Food, Food, Food.

When people normally travel to different destinations they are more than happy to check out the Mega malls, Festivals, Shows, and Events. In which leads to a quick bite of something  that they do not  know as to what they are eating .That  leads to an awkward feeling or  a weird and wonderful  memory  about something being left out.

That is  Food!

Traveling  means going to a different countries or cities   to experience and learn about the people who reside in that country or city. So when someone travels and tells you all about there travels, but tells you that they ate fast food most of the time. Buddy/Sister/ Brother you have not really traveled !

With more than  7 Billion people in this word it is  very hard not to find a food store that sells the inhabitants cuisine. From street food, canned food, wrapped food, frozen food to  fine dinning there is plenty and more to go around.

With a variety of colors, shapes, tastes, smells and smiles created from food. To the recollections of stories and events that happened around food. All contributes to the tinny details that actually say that yes i have been to someone else country and traveled. Which leaves you with a warm and fuzzy filling as to when you reach your door step at home ,or informing your friends about your exotic travels.

So when you travel, try to keep a balance between fast food and the local delicacies.

Happy travels.