A new year with plenty to offer from Africa

Africa, a vast continent with plenty to offer such as safaris, beaches, story-telling, and the African experience.

The African experience can only be experienced once you’re in Africa, and to experience that, well that is one to remember for a life time. From the safaris that are enjoyed out in the open game parks, in which the Big 5 (Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino) and the Small 5 ( Elephant shrew, Buffalo Weaver Bird, Rhino Beetle, Leopard Tortoise, Antlion) can be seen on this side of the African continent. A variety of beaches for the lifestyle traveler who enjoys the sun, who are able to enjoy the sun all year round, with beautiful weather. For the traveler who in interested in folk-tails, there is plenty in store, as there are a variety of enchanting stories to be told.

The year 2014 has gone along with all its problems and successes , and we have ushered in the new year 2015 with singing, dancing, fire-works and praise. Thus the only thing that we can await for is what Africa has in store for the yearning traveler this year.

Happy new year
And let’s start traveling.
By sola.