Hospitality Research Within African Countries:

Research is a vital part of any business to grow and also for any sector to know what is happening, and what might be the next big thing. That is to say that research is a vital part of a developing sector and plays a part in bringing investors on board ( Local or International).

There is a lack of research in terms of hospitality that has not been carried forward and up to date as to the movement of people within a country. The required details as to make sure that the sector is knowledgeable of the different parts of the country that people are interested in, and also their mode of transportation. This is to say that, this will lead to further and quicker development within the hospitality industry in different African countries. When investors have the required information as to where to put their capital, they will be more inclined to participate in investing.

However this is not only focused on the foreign market but also on the local market. As with any case, as do most hospitality businesses turn to the local clientele, when there is strife and unpredictability in the country. This makes hospitality businesses slow in coming up with a plan to quickly target certain markets. The best thing that a service business can do is rely on their in house data and use that, and target certain people to promote a certain product. This not only helps businesses know how to react to certain problems but to make sure that they know what to offer to the local market and know their likes and dislikes. If one is to see, the movement of a local person who inhibits the land is different as to a foreigner who visits the country once. The needs of the local person are different from the foreigner who comes in for a few days . That is to say that the foreigner is not in the country for a long time.

There are great advantages as to participating in research that is extensive and continues. This allows for continues assessment of the country that one promotes. Individuals are able to pin-point at an instant where investment is required and also how the local inhabitance are able to start up business that may specifically target the local market. Furthermore research allows for continues assessment in which provides information that individuals are able to learn from the past, plan for the present and plan for the future.

Most people will complain that continues assessment is time consuming and consumes a great deal of capital. However the advantages out way the disadvantages thus making a country more knowledge about its own product. For some they maybe surprised to see that the country has undesired infrastructure as to support the know product that they are promoting. Moreover to even find a new product that complements the country in which allows for a diversified clientele to visit there country.

Research can be done quarterly or biannually or even annually for starters. The most important thing is that research is continuously carried out and up-to-date.

By sola