How about you spend the night in an Underwater Room at the Seychelles?

With new innovations taking place in the Hotel industry, means a better experience for guests. Everyone is aware of swimming with the fishes that is common; however things have been taken a little bit further than just a swim. How about sleeping with the fishes! In a fully furnished room, with glass windows to look outside of your underwater room and be amazed. Plunged in the Indian Ocean not too far from the main Island is the Manta Resort’s Magical underwater room. The underwater room is located close to the Zanzibar Pemba Island.

The room was built by a Swedish company called Genberg Underwater Hotels. The room has three levels in which the first level is the landing deck. Guests are welcomed onboard which has a lounge, fridge and bathroom amenities. After the landing deck guests are able to make their way up a ladder in which has a lounge for guests to lounge around and look at the stars by night and a stunning sun set in the evening.

Thus come down two levels and you make your way to the ground floor or your underwater room. Large windows allow guest to see fishes  swimming. Some fish and other curious underwater animals take their time to check out their new underwater visitors. The site is truly amazing as the whole experience is captured and felt and soaked up by guests. It’s a little bit hard to forget such an  experience.

With all of these breath taking experiences does not come cheap. Deep pockets are required as a night goes for $1500. This depends on the time of the season and also the demand for the room. However apart from the price the experience is worth it as you will always know that you really did have  a night underwater with fishes literally at your bed side.

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